My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 6 – Recap

Sang Tian accidentally fell into Wen Bing’s arms, this scene was seen by classmates.

Shen William and the others told Wen Bing and Sang Tian that Wen Bing helped them ask for the problem set until the results were invalidated. They were very sorry, so they wanted to help them clean the ice rink. They also told them that their average score was even with the figure skating club, so to celebrate, they went to dinner together.

Shen William accidentally got the barbecue sauce on Sang Tian, ​​so Wen Bing took off the clothes and handed it to Sang Tian to change it. Wen Bing came back after changing clothes and found Wen Bing was not there. William said he answered the phone and went out. They all thought Wen Bing went out to fall in love.

Wen Bing came to the Oden-cooked stall and wanted to buy Oden-cooked, but found that Meng Namai had left the last one. So Meng Na cooked her oden to Wen Bing to make a plea. This scene happened to be seen by Sang Tian, ​​so Sang Tian was very angry and left and returned to the dormitory. 

Wen Bing sent Meng Na downstairs to the dormitory. Meng Na accidentally slipped while walking on the steps. Wen Bing pulled Meng Na up, and this scene happened to be seen by classmates.

So the classmates immediately went back to the dormitory and called the classmates to tell them about it. Everyone said that Meng Na and Wen Bing were already together. Sang Tian slapped the stool with Wen Bing’s portrait and accidentally cut Wen Bing’s clothes. So Sang Tian took out the sewing box and sewed the clothes. Sang Tian sewed on Wen Bing’s clothes. Pig head.

At this time Wen Bing came back, and Sang Tian felt unhappy because of this incident. Wen Bing thought it was Sang Tian that hadn’t eaten oden and was angry.

In the morning, Sang Tian left the dormitory and met Meng Na who came to find Wen Bing. Meng Na accidentally fell down again, so Sang Tian hugged her smoothly. Sang Tian saw that Meng Na’s heel was bleeding, so she took out the band-aids she had used before to help her stick it carefully, and gave her the rest of the bag, making Meng Na mistakenly think that Sang Tian liked her.

Coach Ma came to the ice rink and asked Sang Tian to find someone to explore their outdoor training route and make a sign. So Sang Tian asked Xiao Xiao to go with him.

After Wen Bing came out of the ice rink, she found Meng Na came to him. Meng Na told him that she had discovered a secret about Sang Tian. Wen Bing thought she had discovered that Sang Tian was a girl, so she let her eat and chat, only to find out that Meng Na mistakenly thought that Sang Tian liked her. So she pretended to say a lot of bad things about Sang Tian, ​​and Meng Na thought that Wen Bing deliberately said so many bad things about Sang Tian because she was jealous.

Sang Tian received news of Wenbing. After seeing Sang Tian’s reply to Wen Bing’s news within ten seconds, Xiao Rou felt that Sang Tian liked Wen Bing. So in order to test Sang Tian, ​​I asked three questions and found that Sang Tian was lying, so I was more convinced that Sang Tian liked Wen Bing.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met, and Wen Bing told Sang Tian that Xiao Xiao had been poisoned by eating hot pot in the hospital, so he could only help her plant the flag. So the two planted flags on the side of the road together. At this moment Meng Na suddenly came and said she would come to observe Sang Tian.

Meng Na hinted that Wen Bing had cold hands and wanted him to give her the gloves, but Wen Bing deliberately pretended not to understand. Sang Tian couldn’t stand it, so she took off her gloves and gave them to Meng Na. Meng Na felt that Sang Tian liked her more and more. Wen Bing said that Meng Na had skipped class and asked her to go back quickly. At this time, Meng Na also received the news from Coach Xue, so Meng Na had to rush back to training in figure skating. Meng Na took away Sang Tian’s gloves. Sang Tian felt her hands cold, so Wen Bing put her gloves on Sang Tian’s hands.

Meng Na rushed back to school and collided with Sang Zhan on the way. Meng Na accidentally scratched Sang Zhan’s clothes, almost fell Sang Zhan and held Meng Na again. Seeing that his clothes were broken, Sang Zhan asked Meng Na to pay him. Meng Na said that Sang Zhan wears fake goods, and Sang Zhan retorted that Meng Na also wears fake goods. Meng Na was very angry, but she left because she didn’t care about him in a hurry.

The next day Meng Na came to Sang Tian and told her she didn’t like her. Only then did Sang Tian realize that Meng Na had misunderstood, so she pretended that she already had someone she liked.

Sang Tian and her classmates came to the outdoor training ground to run together. Sang Tian wanted to be lazy because of too much intensity, so she quietly took the shortcut by herself, but it happened that Wen Bing found out about her, so they both stole it. lazy.

William accidentally broke his leg because of a takeaway on the road, and Sang Tian was worried, so William turned back. Wen Bing followed Sang Tian to William’s side, and Sang Tian ran to the front and called his teammate back.

So their party returned to the finish line with William. Coach Ma blamed Sang Tian for leading the classmates to rebel, but because Sang Tian led everyone to advance and retreat in an emergency, she felt that Sang Tian did a good job, but she still had to punish Sang Tian.

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