My unicorn girl, Recap

My unicorn girl episode 5 – Recap

Sang Tian ran away immediately after the kiss, Sang Zhan told Xiao Rou about the story of finding Sang Tian, ​​when Sang Tian suddenly appeared.

Sang Tian told Sang Zhan that she was kissed by Wen Bing again. So Sang Zhan immediately asked Sang Tian to order the card for him and found it was an orange card. Sang Zhan said that the orange card is a very rare card. At the same time, Sang Tian also received a call from the housing agency, saying that she can live in a new house. So Sang Tian found out that she might have been transferred.

Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and told Wen Bing that she was about to move out. On the surface, Wen Bing said that she wanted her to go, but in fact she was very reluctant.

After Wen Bing woke up in the morning, she found that Sang Tian had gone, and saw the snowman Sang Tian had built for him outside the window sill. Wen Bing thought Sang Tian would not come back again.

Later he returned to the dormitory and found that Sang Tian had moved back. It turned out that Sang Tian was cheated by a black intermediary. So she had to move back to the dormitory.

Coach Ma approached Sang Tian and Wen Bing and asked Sang Tian why she didn’t tell the teacher and coach about her trapped in the equipment room. I hope she will pay more attention next time. If this happens again, she must notify them in time.

Coach Ma met Coach Xue at school. Coach Xue asked how Coach Ma’s last blind date was. Coach Ma said she doesn’t think about anything other than work. She also said that the recent competition results of the figure skating team were not satisfactory, and I hope she will spend more time on the figure skating team. But Coach Xue said that the cultural examination is about to come, and hopes that the cultural examination of the ice hockey department can pass.

Coach Ma was very dissatisfied with the ice hockey department’s cultural examination results, so he threatened the ice hockey team members to say that if the average score of the cultural class this time does not exceed the figure skating department, let them go back and forth. Everyone was worried that they would be expelled from school, so they wanted Wen Bing to go to the figure skating club to help them get an exam exercise. Wen Bing agreed, so she went to Mengna.

Mengna tried every means to help Wen Bing find exercises, but she was still rejected by the senior sister.

The team members were waiting for Wen Bing very impatiently, so they asked Sang Tian to urge Wen Bing.

When Sang Tian went to find Wen Bing, she found Senior Sister Miao Miao who was practicing figure skating. So she has been watching her dance figure skating, and Sang Tian also made some suggestions to Senior Sister Miaomiao. Senior Sister Miaomiao thought that Sang Tian was a very good person, so she gave her a book of titles from their figure skating club.

Sang Tian took the information back and copied it to everyone, and everyone went to Sang Tian’s dormitory to review.

Wen Bing got the book of questions from his uncle and looked at it for a long time. Wen Bing returned to the dormitory and found that everyone was reviewing in their dormitory, so he let them go away first, saying that it was late and let them go back to rest quickly. Wen Bing asked Sang Tian why she didn’t wait for his collection of questions. Sang Tian said that she would be expelled after waiting for his collection of questions.

When the exam began, Meng Na came to Wen Bing. Sang Tian found out that Wen Bing hadn’t got the title set. Sang Tian thought that Wenbing was going to hand in a blank paper, so she handed him the note. It was discovered by Coach Ma who called Wen Bing to the office.

Wen Bing told Coach Horse that this matter had nothing to do with others, and Coach Horse found that the handwriting was different. At this time Sang Tian also came to the office and told Coach Ma that she did it. Coach Ma said that Sang Tian was miserable to Wen Bing, otherwise he would be the first in the class this time. Sang Tian found out that Wenbing was a schoolmaster, so in order to punish them, Coach Ma remembered a small pass for them and asked them to clean the ice rink this semester. Sang Tian apologized to Wen Bing, and Wen Bing said that she would forgive her if she asked him to eat.

Wen Bing’s uncle came to the office to look for Coach Horse and said that the cheating was that their parents were not well educated. Coach Xue saw that the other party was Wen Bing’s uncle and said that this problem was the fault of their teacher and that education would be strengthened in the future, so the two of them added WeChat.

Wen Bing and Sang Tian came to the ice rink to clean the ice rink. Wen Bing took Sang Tian and sat in the car to clean the ice rink. Sang Tian accidentally fell into Wen Bing’s arms.

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