Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 19 Recap

Fu Rong returned to the house. Thanks to Xu Jin’s help this time, Fu Pinyan was only fined his salary, and his family could still be reunited. Now Xu Jin is punished to kneel because of her confinement, she is a little embarrassed. Fu Xuan saw that Xu Jin treated Fu Rong very unusually, and asked her what she planned to do in the future. Fu Rong and Xu Jin are happy, but the master’s killing has not been investigated yet. Both of them will be punished separately. Ruyi’s autopsy was buried, and her whole body was quite trivial, and she thought it was a long-term plan.

Fu Xuan was in the courtyard, and suddenly a figure flew behind her. Someone patted her on the shoulder, and Wu Baiqi went over the wall to look for her again. He came to Fu Xuan and went to Feng Laiyi to check the accounts. It was late, Fu Pinyan and his wife must have fallen asleep, and no one would have noticed after going out and over the wall. Wu Baiqi flew up to the wall with Fu Xuan Qinggong on his back. Fu Xuan felt that this feeling was novel, and Wu Baiqi took her to shuttle the entire eaves wall of Fu Mansion.

When he arrived at Feng Laiyi and Fu Xuan settled the accounts, Wu Baiqi sat on the opposite side and looked at it with satisfaction. In this case, Fu Xuanneng found that the accounting problems were not easy. The problem with the accounts was that Feng Laiyi had only one quarterly transaction with Chanting Music Studio, totaling two thousand taels, but the final account was four thousand taels, indicating that they had many transactions between them. But how could Feng Laiyi sign transactions without Wu Baiqi’s seal, or worse, there were more transactions that were not found in the accounts.

Liu Ruyi’s corpse was cleaned up, and Wang An specially came to take the last ride. He was very sorry that he had always been too late when he promised to rescue Fu Rong. Fu Rong checked the clothes Liu Ruyi was wearing when he died, and remembered the thread of clothes hanging on Xu Jin’s arm that day. She asked Gu Yuan to find out that Xu Jin had visited Ruyi Tower that day. Liu Ruyi did not allow Gu Yuan to say this. Did not mention it to her. The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached. It was she who told Xu Jin that the bracelet was a gift from the master and led Xu Jin to find Liu Ruyi, which caused the murder. In the rainy night, Fu Rong hesitated holding the bladed fan.

On such a rainy day, Liu Ruyi was buried, and Fu Rong secretly vowed to find out the truth and avenge her. If the murderer was Xu Jin, someone in Ruyilou must have seen him that day. He remembered many details that he hadn’t paid attention to before, and he asked the farmer who sent the rice that day. The farmer said he had seen a handsome man in white clothes with blood on his right arm. Fu Rong also noticed Xu Jin’s injury that day before he was arrested and sent to the Criminal Division. At that time, Liu Ruyi’s death made him panic, and he didn’t think about it. Fu Rong asked An Wang to help her. She wanted to take revenge.

Xu Jin reached the age of marriage. The emperor originally intended to marry the Lord Xihe to him, but Xu Jin already knew what he belonged to. He was naturally unwilling. He knelt at the gate of the palace for days and nights. The emperor finally agreed to his marriage with Fu Rong.

The imperial decree arrived at Fu’s Mansion and assigned Fu Permit to Xu Jin as a side concubine. Mother Han Su-niang was unwilling. How could her palm pearl go to the concubine’s room, but Fu Rong decided that he did not care about the etiquette status.

In Xu Jin’s heart, there was only Fu Rong’s wife, and the bride price entrusted Wu Baiqi to the Fu Mansion, which was actually more generous than the bride price in the main room.

When Wu Baiqi left Fu Mansion, Fu Xuan found him on the wall in the backyard. He is now very familiar with the road. After confirming Xu Jin’s feelings for Fu Rong through Wu Baiqi, Fu Xuan was concerned about Qi Feng Laiyi’s account books. The books on the surface were copied by Ji Qingting. If you really want to get any evidence, you have to use some Fu Xuan came up with him to recruit the enemy.

When Fu Rong came to Ruyi Tower, Gu Yuan gave her the phoenix crown Liu Ruyi had made for her early in the morning, which was made for her by Liu Ruyi. Xu Jin and Gu Yuan thought about the marriage together, and asked her to marry into the palace with Fu Rong. Fu Rong looked at Feng Guan, and remembered that the last thing she had said with the master was to deny the master, and the only person the master hurts was her. How could she bear to say such unfeeling words.

The guard of honor went from Fu Mansion to Wang Mansion, and the festive red color lined the cold-faced bride. Fu Rong held her phoenix crown and waited in the new house.

Xu Jinqing picked up her veil, and underneath the glamorous silhouette was a phoenix crown that the concubine could not wear. Xu Jin gently put it on her. Fu Rong has nothing to do with him. Suddenly, the dagger in Fu Rong’s sleeve suddenly appeared, stabbing at Xu Jin’s heart. He held Fu Rong’s hand, why?

It turned out to be because of Liu Ruyi. It turned out that Fu Rong married him for revenge. It turned out that what he had done before was nothing more than a cover for a murderer in Fu Rong’s eyes. Xu Jin took her hand and pierced her heart fiercely. The knife was not for revenge, but for retribution. He did fight Liu Ruyi that day, but Liu Ruyi was still alive when he left to save Fu Rong.

After wiping the blood stains on her body and changing her clothes, Xu Jin went to see the guests in the main hall, leaving Fu Rong alone in the empty room in red. She didn’t know who to trust.

In the main hall, the cups were pushed and changed. Some people were happy and some were worried. Xihe County’s teeth were itchy. Cheng Wang kept toasting with the heart of watching the excitement, and An Wang squeezed his fingers and it was time to start.

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