Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 18 Recap

Wang An also found out the existence of Hu Ming, and ordered the punishment to continue the investigation.

On the other side, Xu Jin and Fu Rong, who had escaped from the capital, had already arrived in Xujia Village. There were large horseshoe prints in the village. There should be many people who came to catch Hu Ming before they came. Now I first asked the farmers about the situation.

Ordinary people saw that they would not open the door easily. So Fu Rong smeared blood on the corners of his lips and pushed open a door. Xu Jin’s mouth was bleeding with a weak look. His sister Jinggushan was beaten by the robber. The old woman looked pitifully and invited them in, expressing her affection.

When asked about their names, both of them faltered, and the old woman could tell at a glance that they were clearly the young couple who eloped. So the two had to act out the story. They talked about the nose and eyes, and the grandfather’s wife screamed happily. She was abandoned by the family, so she came to join her uncle and brought out Hu Ming, and then they learned the specific residence of Hu Ming’s family. She said that she was about to leave, but she was held back by the old woman. It was getting late. She prepared a quilt for the two before going to bed.

When Wang An learned that Hu Ming had disappeared, he immediately thought that Xu Mao should have done this, and he wanted to kill him. Jin Yiwei also arrived in Hujiacun, and he ordered Wen Xing to send another team of his own to rescue Fu Rong. As for Xu Jin, he didn’t care about life or death.

The old woman just gave a quilt but it was not good enough, so late at night Xu Jin and Fu Rong sat on the bed staring, and no one slept. Suddenly, Fu Rong noticed that there was a thread on Xu Jin’s cuffs on women’s clothes. He seemed to care about it. Xu Jin slowly approached him and asked three times in a row. The distance was infinitely close. Fu Rong was hugged, and Xu Jin suddenly exhaled and blew out the light behind her. There were people outside who wanted to leave immediately. Fu Rong hurriedly took out the hairpin and left behind to thank the old woman for the hospitality, and left with Xu Jin.

Arrows flew in the dark to protect Fu Rong Xu Jin’s arm from being injured. The blood overflowed instantly, but he didn’t care about it. Bai Fan pulled out a few arrows and pulled Fu Rong to the remote mountain forest. Behind them, there have been many masked and black men carrying knives in pursuit of their lives.

After running for a long time, they hid in the grass and escaped, and they came out with straws on their hair, funny and embarrassed. Xu Jin discovered that these people in black would hide from Jin Yiwei who also came to arrest people. He didn’t dare to show up, so it was the safest to return to Hu’s house now. He said that he came to Hu’s house.

Hu’s family only has Hu Ming’s mother. She is skilled in treating Xu Jin’s wounds, and her son Hu Ming is naturally not bad. Xu Jin bluntly stated his identity and asked Hu Ming’s mother to inform Hu Ming’s whereabouts, just to mention that the person from the Criminal Division wanted to arrest Hu Ming’s mother. After the person was shot and killed by Xu Jin, she hurriedly informed Hu Ming that he was at the foot of the mountain.

As soon as they entered the mountains and forests, the black-clothed men chased after them. There was no way back to chase a lake. The two jumped into the lake to escape and were washed to the shore. At this time, it was night and the lake was full of water and grass, attracting many fireflies to stop and stop. , Flying around in the night sky, as if the galaxy fell into the world. Xu Jin handed the white fan to Fu Rong. This was his personal weapon. Fu Rong was asked to accept it. There is only one fan in this life and this one in my heart. They are all handed over to Fu Rong for safekeeping.

Fu Rong took the fan and mentioned something like the girl he was not allowed to see off. Suddenly surrounded by people in black, it was the best policy to be caught in the circumstances, and Xu Jin was about to compromise. Guo Rui led Jinyi guards and soldiers to fight back the enemy, but saved Xu Jin to the rescue. Xu Jin could not be taken back for the time being. On weekdays, he treats all the soldiers with benevolence and righteousness. At this time, the soldiers believe that he is a man and are willing to let him go. see. When Guo Rui sent someone to protect Hu Ming’s mother, he and Fu Rong quickly went to the Taoist temple.

Fu’s mansion rushed along the wall to Wu Baiqi to throw the note of Fu Xuan in front of the table. After reading it, Fu Xuan burned the note and went back to his room to rest. Wu Baiqi was a little disappointed, and Fu Xuan did not believe him easily.

When I came to the Taoist temple, the figures of people worshiping in front of the hall were a little familiar. It is not difficult to ask him to help. Hu Ming decided to go back with him to resolve the matter when his mother was arrested.

Several people rode their horses back to Beijing. Fu Rong was going to take shelter temporarily, but seeing Xu Jin entering the palace alone to meet the emperor, she rushed into the city with him the moment the city gate was closed.

Fu Xuan was waiting for her in the city long ago, and Wu Baiqi was also there. How could my sister know that she was here? In fact, the note written by Wu Baiqi that night was asking her to come to Dongchengmen tomorrow, and Fu Xuanxin came.

Fu Rong still went back to the Criminal Division. Wang An heard the direct criticism of Xu Jin and was able to protect Fu Rong from returning, but he still made him suffer in the Criminal Division.

In a blink of an eye, King An was playing chess with the emperor in the palace again, and Xu Jin kneeling underneath, who was blamed by the stick, played with the muffled sticks, and he lost his mind. The emperor was willing to look directly at Xu Jin. Fu Rong did not kill or escape from prison. Xu Jin asked the emperor’s three halls to examine the truth.

When the emperor sat in the court to hear the trial, Ding Peng still insisted that Fu Rong murdered and escaped from prison. Jiang Ding was the testimony.

However, Xu Jin fought against Ding Peng. He had Hu Ming’s sage and iron proof. Rushan plus common sense inference, Ding Peng framed Fu Rongzhi matter.

The emperor punished Ding Peng and reduced him to a general arrest. Fu Rong was innocent by posting a list. However, the murderer behind Liu Ruyi’s death has not been found out, and further investigations are needed.

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