Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 30

Pei Yanzhi entered the palace to take charge of the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet that was coming up soon. Seeing Feng Laiyi prepared by the craftsman, Director Zhang said that the craftsman had fallen ill because of his busy schedule, and Pei Yanzhi expressed concern. Pei Yanzhi also asked Feiyu to ask the internal affairs department about the ingredients. Feiyu said that he would help Pei Yanzhi instead of Xiwen.

Su Ci reported the poison problem to the head of the General Administration, saying that the whereabouts of the poison problem is unknown. The head of the General Administration asked Su Ci not to disclose the poison to the public for the time being. Su Ci smelled the smell of sulfur powder on his body and asked him to take care of his body.

The queen mother reviewed the performance catalog of the birthday banquet. The last wonderful performance was Feng Laiyi’s fireworks. Pei Yanzhi must be guarded. There will be many people going in and out on the birthday banquet.

Fu Ziyou inspected the palace and confirmed that there is nothing wrong. Not leaking.

There was a sudden incident of villager poisoning in Zhushui Village. The head of the General Administration analyzed that the water in Zhushui Village flowed through the capital. Su Ci was worried that the poison problem had affected the people in the capital. The head of the General Administration arranged for Su Ci to investigate the case and brought a few fewer people. Plainclothes investigated the case so as not to disturb the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, and also instructed Su Ci not to trust anyone and act carefully.

Su Ci and others rushed to Zhushui Village. They passed an intersection on the road. During the rest, Xie Beiming felt that someone was following in the woods. Su Ci and others took samples of the river water and detected that it was not Utambula but Tripterygium wilfordii.

The head of Zhushui Village suddenly came over to thank Su Ci, saying that he had only reported to the official, and they were coming so soon. Su Ci felt very strange. A craftsman in the village suddenly coughed. Dong Rushuang confirmed that he was poisoned by Utambula, and that the craftsman was the one who made the Queen Mother’s birthday feast with phoenix rituals. Su Ci felt bad. Someone deliberately led them over, and something serious happened in the capital.

On the way Su Ci and others hurried back to the capital, the people arranged by King Yun blocked them on the road. Xie Beiming told Su Ci to go first, and then he and Dong Ru both broke off.

Su Ci rushed to the gate of the city before dark, but found that the firework show had already begun, hoping to rush to stop the last firework with Feng Laiyi.

Everyone in the palace was immersed in the firework show. King Yun took the opportunity to leave early when something happened at home, and Pei Yanzhi became suspicious.

When Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang came to the capital, Xie Beiming knew that they were in danger, and asked Dong Rushuang to go home first and bid his final farewell. Dong Rushuang quietly followed behind.

When Su Ci rushed to the fireworks display center, the craftsman had already been replaced by King Yun as a dead man. In order to prevent Feng Laiyi from burning, Su Ci slammed his head on the iron can and fainted on the spot.

Fu Ziyou informed the Queen Mother that there was an assassin at the fireworks display, and asked everyone to move into the hall as soon as possible to prevent danger. Everyone was flustered, and the head of the General Administration looked a little uncomfortable.

King Yun had been waiting for the good show of fireworks display in the distance, but found that the fireworks had stopped, but he must ascend to the throne of the palace tonight, let Xie Beiming join him to fight the king, Xie Beiming pretended to be on the side of King Yun. Li Yu was ordered by King Yun to poison the arrested dead.

When Pei Yanzhi settled down with Su Ci, he reported to the emperor, and the queen mother reprimanded Pei Yanzhi for not doing well.

King Yun suddenly rushed to the hall and asked the Queen Mother to punish Pei Yanzhi, and asked the Queen Mother to let Der Spiegel investigate the case.

Pei Yanzhi did not resist. He stayed in the palace and waited for the fireworks case to be investigated. The head of the General Administration took Pei Yanzhi away for questioning. Su Ci suddenly woke up and heard that Pei Yanzhi had been trapped in the palace and could not leave.

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