Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 27

Su Ci used the fake property documents to deceive her mother-in-law and analyzed the details of her mother-in-law’s killing of Sun Bo. Xu Qingmei was sad and did not believe her mother-in-law did it. Even Xu Mengchang and He Da were killed by the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law thinks that these people deserve to die and should not bully Xu Qingmei and betray the Xu family lady, because she is loyal to the Xu family lady. Behind the many murders, a little flaw was revealed.

It turned out that this mother-in-law was the female palace clerk who killed Emperor Xian’s suspended seven years ago. The mother-in-law confessed her actions to everyone and said that King Yun was the person behind the scenes who instigated her to kill Emperor Xian by poison, and then committed suicide. .

After the death of her mother-in-law, Su Ci worried that there was no evidence left. Pei Yanzhi said that he would definitely seek justice for innocent people. Su Ci asks to fight side by side with Pei Yanzhi, let the bad guys confess their sins and seek justice for the dead.

Fei Yuan also discovered that Xie Beiming hadn’t talked to Dong Rushuang recently, thinking that Xie Beiming had changed his mind, so he gave him a trick. The way to make a woman dislike herself is to like other women.

Xie Beiming came to Zhuque Street alone, pretending to go to the brothel brothel, and drank wine. Dong Rushuang was very worried when he saw it, and then took care of Xie Beiming. Suddenly he found that Xie Beiming’s clothes smelled of lipstick and rouge. Dong Rushuang almost stabbed him with scissors. Have their hearts.

Dong Rushuang took Su Ci to the rouge shop, and suddenly saw Xiwen beating people. His younger sister-in-law Song Yao was molested by Tian Yong.

Dong Rushuang asked Song Yao who had bought lip cream. Song Yao said that Xie Beiming had come to buy it, and he bought it for his sweetheart. Dong Rushuang ran out angrily when he found out.

Xiwen’s younger brother Xiwu once enlisted in the army for half a year, and then he died. Pei Yanzhi thinks Xiwen is too reckless.

Xie Beiming deliberately took Wenwen to hold hands, and broke up with Dong Rushuang in front of Su Ci. Dong Rushuang was very angry.  Xie Beiming kept talking angry, the purpose is to make Dong Rushuang give up on him. Seeing Dong Rushuang leaving behind, Xie Beiming was also very sad.

Dong Rushuang went back to the house and wept. She was very sad. Xie Beiming suddenly disliked herself and said so many ugly things. Su Ci stayed with her and didn’t know how to comfort her. But Su Ci asked Dong Rushuang to think about it. It is impossible for a person who fell in love with her at first sight to empathize so easily. It implies that Dong Rushuang, Xie Beiming must have difficulties, not really want to give up her. Su Ci said that this is all his own guess, and Dong Rushuang still needs to find the truth of the answer himself.

Pei Yanzhi knew about Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming’s affairs, and Su Ci was also very curious about the reasons. Pei Yanzhi believed that Xie Beiming must have something unspeakable in his heart. Su Ci said that he would not misunderstand Pei Yanzhi in this way.

Pei Yanzhi saw that Xie Beiming was drunk and paralyzed himself every day, and asked if he was on his mind, but Xie Beiming was not willing to say anything. He knew in his heart that in order to prevent Dong Rushuang from harming Dong Rushuang, he could only hurt Dong Rushuang first. During the chat with Xie Beiming, Pei Yanzhi mentioned King Yun and hoped that Xie Beiming would help him fight King Yun. However, Xie Beiming rejected Pei Yanzhi, saying that he was a freelancer with more than enough energy but not enough energy. Pei Yanzhi opened the skylight to speak bright words, exposing the relationship between Xie Beiming and King Yun. Pei Yanzhi believed Xie Beiming very much, otherwise he would not take him to Nanxun. Xie Beiming said that he would not stand next to King Yun. He could tell right from wrong. It was his negligence that revealed the whereabouts of Pei Yanzhi and the others. He blamed himself very much, but King Yun was very kind to him, and it was difficult for Xie Beiming to make a choice.

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