Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 5 Recap

On that day, Qin Qing stuck the hairpin on the window, Xu Jin’s men who had been guarding for a long time acted immediately, sealed off the pavilion, and Wu Baiqi smashed the restaurant.

Qin Qing knelt down at the mansion of Xinduhou, and Qi Ce also knelt down the steps. The reason was obvious. The two people who had been killed in the old lair hadn’t noticed beforehand. Xinduhou kicked Qi Ce and restricted him for the last five days. If the assassination of King Su hasn’t been resolved, not only him, but even his sister Qi Zhu will not escape.

Five days were too short, and Qin Qing suggested not to take Qi Zhu away first, because he was implicated in the face, and he was not afraid that there would be no firewood. He made an appointment with Qin Qing for the round outside the city. The chariot sent away his mother and Qi Zhu. Qi Ce murmured to Fu Xuan while holding a bottle of medicine. He had to take her along. He happened to see a letter with the design of Drunken Spring Pavilion on the stone lamp with a silver hairpin and A piece of paper saying that he should come to Zuichun Pavilion as soon as possible.

Fu Rong came to apologize to Fu Xuan again, but because there was no evidence, she said that Qi Ce would not believe Fu Xuan. It happened that Xiaoqi Xiaoba came to the door and said that Qi Ce was in Zuichun Pavilion at the moment. It was a good opportunity. She took Fu Xuan to see it quickly, and if he caught it, he would catch it.

Qin Qing was packing her things in Zuichun Pavilion, and Qi Ce suddenly ran in. Both of them were strange, so they immediately reacted to the plan.

Outside Fu Rong pulled Fu Xuan all the way to the door, a white blade flashed out of the door, and he was about to hit Fu Rong. Xu Jin immediately took her into his arms, and the idea was turned into a helplessly arrested current.

Look, call her Rong’er. Fu Rong didn’t care about these inexplicable things either. He stepped forward and slapped Qi Ce, a double-faced thing, for a moment. His first reaction was not to be angry, but to explain to Fu Xuan that Fu Xuan saw someone hiding a dagger behind King Su, and he shouldn’t stay here for long. Xu Jin hugged Fu Rong as he walked, sighing at the beauty and misunderstanding, pretending to be a prostitute, without making Qi Ce suspicious.

At this time, Fu Xuan finally believed that Qi Ce was not an upright gentleman, and since then he has made a clean break and has never been involved. There are doubts about what happened today. How did King Su and the two sisters of the Fu family come back? They were really just here to catch King Su and they had a plan. Suddenly the vendor downstairs disappeared.

At this moment, it was found out that he was driving to the East Street Market. Anxious, Qi Ce instructed Qin Qing to gather the people and leave the city tonight. As for the bottle of medicine, Fu Xuan, let it go for the time being, there will always be a chance in the future.

In the evening, Qin Qing and Qi Ce ran away in the dark, and they were surrounded by groups as soon as they left the gate of Zuichun Pavilion. Xu Jin waited for a long time, and immediately took Qi Ce to jail. Xu Jin returned to the emperor overnight, and there was such a big disturbance behind a police officer in the Qice district, and it was even implicated in the Guanyan town military payment case. The emperor only told him that no matter what, he must be stolen and reaped. Later, he was sent to see Concubine Shu, his biological mother. It is a pity that Xu Jin was said to be a lone star of the gods since the death of the queen. He had lived in the border since childhood and was not intimate with the concubine. The fifth prince Xu Hao, a compatriot of a mother, did not like him at all when he saw that he was not considerate of his mother and concubine’s painstaking efforts.

Xu Mao discussed with Xinduhou, Qi Ce went to jail, and Qin Qing committed suicide. At this time, it was too late to kill and kill people, but it caused suspicion.

Qi Zhu was in the bamboo hut with his mother who was lingering on the bed. He suddenly heard the sad news of Qi Ce being imprisoned, and hurried back.

Qi Ce had an accident, and the Fu family had a close relationship with him in the past. Fu Xuan asked to go to Yunluo Temple for repairs, which is also considered as avoiding the public. After Fu Rong settled Qi Zhu, she left.

After that, Fu Xuan wanted to send the picture scroll Liu Ruyi wanted earlier. On the way, the maid accidentally collided with someone while holding a bamboo. The picture scroll fell, and the other party also took the picture scroll. It wasn’t until it was delivered to Liu Ruyi that the little servant arrived. It was Feng Laiyi’s jasper. He found that the color of the scroll was wrong, so he immediately returned to Zhao.

Qi Zhu’s dowry in the Qi mansion was cleansed by the lady. Qi Zhu kept kowtow and begged the lady to return two pieces to her. She wanted to go to prison to take care of Qi Ce. The eldest lady was stingy, and Fu Rong couldn’t stand it, so she tried to find a way to meet Qi Ce.

Qi Ce was completely unrecognizable in the prison. The clothes on his body were stained red with blood, and he was retired. His mother was seriously ill. If Fu Rong hadn’t helped her, Qi Zhu couldn’t even come in and meet her brother. Qi Ce laughed when he heard this. If it were not for Fu Rong Fu Xuan, how could he have fallen so bad today? In vain, Qi Zhu still couldn’t distinguish between good and bad. Every bite is a Ronger. Everything in the Qi family is both of them. Sister killed.

After leaving the prison, Qi Zhu deliberately alienated Fu Rong, and his mother died because of worrying about his elder brother. All of this was caused by the Fu family, and now he is still here to help her fake and diligently, Qi Zhu didn’t even want to see Fu Rong at the moment.

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