Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 23

Su Ci began to suspect that Pei Zhao was not the murderer of his own tribe. Early the next morning, Pei Zhao had to go to the destination, and Su Ci said that he would also go.

The two came to the cemetery. At this moment, a group of people pretended to move the grave. Suddenly a group of people in black came to kill the people who moved the graves, but they were killed in advance by Pei Zhao’s subordinates who were already in ambush here. Yiren, only one person remained, but he also let him escape. It turns out that this grave is fake.

In the evening, Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang also caught the people who came to move the grave. These people said that they had collected money to help move the grave, and the person who asked them to move the grave covered their face, and they couldn’t recognize their appearance. The person who took the lead said that the person came to find it at the door of the shop himself, and Pei Zhao speculated that the person got it by himself.

Su Ci noticed the rosin powder, which can only be scattered by relatives, and strangers cannot. Su Ci immediately said that the person they were looking for was among the workers. Just when Pei Zhao and Su Ci found this person, they were raided by a group of people in black. Su Ci revealed his identity, Su Ci asked him if he was Li Mu, Su Ci said that his identity was Bai Liangren, Li Mu Say that the truth you want to know is between the two tombs, and died after speaking.

Pei Zhao was still fighting with King Yun’s subordinates. Both of them were injured. Su Ci came to help. Pei Zhao received a palm for Su Ci and was seriously injured. Su Ci left with Pei Zhao. Xiwen arrived and killed the man.

Su Ci took Pei Zhao to a cave, while Xiwen and Xie Beiming were looking for Su Ci and Pei Zhao.

Su Ci noticed that there was a tooth mark on Pei Zhao’s arm. Pei Zhao explained that it was the little girl she saved back then.

Su Ci took out a sword that accompanied him and gave him that year. Pei Zhao was also shocked. The little girl is Su Ci. Su Ci is very sorry. Pei Zhao rescued her, but he wanted to kill him.

After that, Su Ci went to gather herbs. Everyone was still looking for Su Ci and Pei Zhao outside. Su Ci collected herbs and was applying medicine to Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao said that he was fine. Su Ci very much blamed himself for not believing him. Pei Zhao said that now only needs Pei Zhao to believe wholeheartedly. Su Ci tore off a section of his own clothes and bandaged Pei Zhao’s wounds. Pei Zhao told Su Ci that he had suffered more injuries on the battlefield before, and that he was really fine. Su Ci said that she would never leave him anymore and would stay together.

The next day, the two of them were by the river. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci’s father and mother what kind of person he was. Su Ci talked about his father and mother. Su Ci talked about his own experiences over the years, Pei Zhao said he now has him. . Pei Zhao and Su Ci heard the voice of everyone looking for him, and everyone saw that Pei Zhao was injured, and he was bleeding.

Dong Rushuang said that Pei Zhao’s injury is not serious, and he will be fine in a few days. Su Ci asked Xie Beiming to go to Li’s tomb. Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang came to the tomb to dig out what Li Mu left behind. And Pei Zhao thought to himself that someone has been leaking our whereabouts.

Xie Beiming began to dig, and Dong Rushuang also began to suspect that there was an insider, but Xie Beiming said that we are only these five people, it is impossible. At this time, Xie Beiming really dug a wooden box with Li Mu’s self-reported letter, admitting that he forged a letter of collusion between the Bailiang tribe to treat his younger brother Li Lin’s disease, and this younger brother was very aggressive and couldn’t. Seeing people, so everyone didn’t know that there was a younger brother.

The person hiding in the cellar was Li Mu, and the person who was burned to death was his brother Li Lin. There was also a letter in it, a note from Lei Zheng, and this letter was the collusion of the Bailiang clan. Li Mu copied it with Bai Shengteng, the leader of the Bailiang clan, and Xie Beiming began to figure out how Liang Feng colluded. of. Su Ci confessed his life experience to everyone at this time, that he was actually from the Bailiang tribe, and everyone was shocked.

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