Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 22

Pei Zhao said that he had long suspected that there was a secret in the Red Honggu War. Pei Zhao told Su Ci that Liang Cheng had been killed. Su Ci also told Pei Zhao that he was investigating Bailiang’s case, that the communication letter from the patriarch Bailiang was forged by himself, and that Lei Zheng was responsible for the case back then, which was his true purpose. Pei Zhao suspects that Liang Feng is the one who forged the evidence.

The two returned to Liang’s Mansion, and the butler brought out the works collected from various places seven years ago, all copied by scholars, and a copy of the scholar’s name. Su Ci was going to find those scholars right away, but Pei Zhao said that she had just been poisoned and needed a good rest and went back later.

Pei Zhao told Xiwen that the Bailiang case might be hidden. When asked about Xiwen at the scene, Xiwen said that the only daughter of the patriarch was missing. At this time, Su Ci came to ask Pei Zhao to eat, and was shocked to hear Xiwen’s voice, because Su Ci thought that Xiwen’s voice was the murderer when he went to the scene, so he believed that Pei Zhao was the murderer.

After thinking about it, he rushed into the room to assassinate Pei Zhao, but in the end he couldn’t bear to start, and told Pei Zhao that we would leave on horseback without owing each other.

Pei Zhao remembered that Su Ci had mentioned the case of the Bailiang clan being exterminated, and he was very sad, and when he went to the river to worship before, Pei Zhao already knew that Su Ci was the only daughter of the Bailiang patriarch.

 Pei Zhao and his party ran into Su Ci at the entrance of the inn. Su Ci saw Pei Zhao and was about to leave.

Pei Zhao carried her into the room. Su Ci admitted that he was a member of the Bailiang tribe and said that Pei Zhao was killing her entire clan. Murderer. Pei Zhao asked her if she had misunderstood. Su Ci said that Xiwen’s voice was the murderer back then. Pei Zhao explained that he went to ask Xiwen to save people, but it was too late to stop it. For Su Ci, Pei Zhao stayed behind and used himself to investigate the battle of Honggu. After hearing this, Pei Zhao put forward the second condition, that he wanted to investigate Bailiang’s case with her, and Su Ci agreed.

Everyone sat together to eat, and Su Ci took out the list of scholars, which was a fake calligraphy for Lei Zheng. Xie Beiming said that the case was closed a long time ago, but Su Ci said that the letter of conspiracy was a forgery. If you double-encumber Su Ci, how did you know that the letter was forged, Pei Zhao said that Su Ci was careful, and it was also judged back then. Attribution of the instrument.

King Yun already knew that Liang Feng’s counterfeit had been taken away, and he had also found the scholar on the list. King Yun immediately sent someone to stop it.

The five Pei Zhao found Li Mu, the last scholar on the list, but he was burned to death seven years ago. Everyone went back to the inn, speculating that he had forged the letter of rebellion.

Pei Zhao suggested that the government must have a fire file, and Su Ci said that he could go alone. Pei Zhao and Su Ci found the file, and Li Mu died exactly one month after the case of Bai Liang.

Dong Rushuang pretended to be a writer, Xie Beiming pretended to make trouble, saying that she was not as good as Li Mu. At this time, everyone mentioned Li Mu’s past to Rushuang. He was a diligent young man who did a lot of dirty work.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci were still checking the dossier and learned that Li Mu had taken medicine for a long time before he was alive, and he was frail and unable to escape the fire. So far, the Li family has disappeared.

In the evening, when everyone gathered together, Su Ci believed that the government’s case did not match what the street residents said, and decided that he needed to go to the ruins of Li’s house the next day.

Everyone came to the ruins of Li’s house and saw a rice jar. Su Ci discovered the cellar.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci went down together. It turned out that this cellar had been inhabited by people. Su Ci couldn’t hold on to lack of oxygen, so Pei Zhao carried her back.

Go up, but Pei Zhao also feels wrong. After coming up, Dong Rushuang said that Pei Zhao needs to get out of the air as soon as possible, which would be life-threatening, so Su Ci hurried up to get out of the air, and Pei Zhao woke up.

Pei Zhao and his party returned to the inn and talked about the cellar. They suspected that someone was hiding in it to escape the fire. Everyone began to suspect that the dead person was not Li Mu or that the person hiding in the cellar was a member of Li Mu’s family.

Su Ci decided to visit Li’s tomb the next day, and Pei Zhao told her another plan. Pei Zhao released the news that he wanted to dig up wasteland to pass water, but Li’s grave was on the wasteland and needed to be moved. The five Pei Zhao came to Li’s grave and waited for the rabbits.

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