Recap, The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at Ruyi Pavilion – Episode 4 Recap

The red silk was hung all the way into the inner hall from the mansion gate, and Qi Ce greeted him and sent him to the busy circle. Fu Rong and Fu Xuan also came to congratulate them. Qi Ce just entertained the two girls. Qin Qing said congratulations and made him black face immediately. Fu Rong noticed this scene and quietly followed.

When I found Qi Ce’s room, he found nothing. Suddenly one of his arms flew her up to the beam, it was Xu Jin. Qi Ce opened the door rudely, followed by Qin Qing, and they immediately silenced.

The master sent Qin Qing to look for Qi Ce to talk about the assassination of King Su King Xu Jin. Qi Ce assassinated three times in a row to no avail, and the above also asked him to act as soon as possible. Don’t wait until Xu Jin has the help of the family. Difficult. Today is the banquet of his sister Qi Zhu, he does not want to spoil this good day, and Qi Ce will discuss with Qin Qing tomorrow.

It turned out that Qi Ce took Fu Xuan to the cliff carvings that day, and the occasional encounter with Shushui Xiaozhu was a cover. Qi Ce, Fu Xuan, definitely couldn’t marry him. Fu Rong rushed to find Fu Xuan. He would fall off the beam of the house because of an unstable foot. Xu Jin immediately flew down and hugged her and landed gently. The two were very close, and they separated immediately. Fu Rong left. Xu Jin seemed to have something to linger but couldn’t hold back.

Fu Rong finds Qi Zhu. She knows nothing about what Qi Ce is doing, and still thinks that Qi Ce is an excellent brother who has always treated her like a father. Fu Rong only hopes that she will always be so happy and marry carefree.

In the Jinyiwei camp, Xu Jin found out the guests who left early for the banquet today. The two adults left the table for business or private reasons. It is not suspicious. Only Qin Qing has a lot of doubts. A brothel girl can go in and out of Zhiyun, which is only for dignitaries. Fang, Qi Ce went to Zuichun Pavilion mostly to contact her.

For today’s plan, put a long line to catch a big fish and stay on hold. Outside the hall, Wu Baiqi finally thought of what he wanted to test with Xu Jin. It was better than a bow and arrow. After winning, Xu Jin couldn’t control how he walked sideways. After losing, he would go for Xu Jin. Xu Jin agreed with the test. Wu Bai was confident that one arrow hit the center of the bullseye, and the remaining two arrows were not used at all; Xu Jin struck three arrows, and one arrow split along the tail feathers of the previous arrow, and the last arrow was also centered. Bullseye, the remaining arrows are split into two.

Wu Baiqi is ashamed of a good arrow, but Xu Jin doesn’t want him to go to the knife mountain, as long as he goes to Zuichun Pavilion to make trouble. After all, he went deep into Qi Ce’s lair and gave him such an important matter. Wu Baiqi was very surprised. Xu Jin didn’t answer the question. Isn’t Wu Baiqi worthy of trust? This time Wu Baiqi was as happy as he was facing the sword mountain.

Wen Xing went to invite Fu Rong today, but she didn’t know when she slipped out. In the Zuichun Pavilion, Fu Rong disguised herself as a man to find out about Qi Ce. She was pushed and shoved by a group of girls and ordered the most expensive Yale girl. She was filled with a lot of alcohol and passed out without asking anything.

Wu Baiqi is much more skilled than Fu Rong. After throwing money away, he started a song of beauty like a cloud song, and then he was good at making troubles. Xu Jin took this opportunity to investigate inside the building and found that Qin Qing used a hairpin to stick it on the window sash. As a signal, there are many small holes left by hairpins on the window lattice.

After all this, Xu Jin found that Fu Rong was in a mess, put his arms around him and cursed and didn’t know who he was talking about, and then Xu Jin beat Fu Rongfei out of Zuichun Pavilion. Going around the road all the way, carrying Fu Rong, who was madly drunk, back to Fu Mansion, Fu Rong was like a madman. For a while, he said that he would revoke the fate of the king and sister. For a while, he wondered why the girl Yale had a Adam’s apple, and finally took a look It turned out to be Xu Jin, and there was nothing to say to him, so Xu Jin would throw her to the ground several times.

Fu Xuan went to Xiaozhu to find Fu Rong, but learned that she was dressed as a man and went to the brothel, and hurried over. When she met Wu Baiqi, who was still a rogue, the girl Yale was pulling Wu Baiqi’s sleeves and flicking away her anger. Fu Xuan’s surprised eyes were on her face. Wu Baiqi was struck by lightning.

After going out and standing in front of Zuichun Pavilion to explain for a long time, in the end, he was about to quarrel again. Wu Baiqi made fun of Fu Xuan who came to Zuichun Pavilion to catch Qi Ce, but Fu Xuan said that Master Wu Xiaohou could easily mistake him for thinking that he admired Fu Xuan. Love is jealous, and only then did Qiche speak badly. Wu Baiqi couldn’t think of anything to refute, so Fu Xuan hurried to find Fu Rong without waiting for him to speak.

On the road, I met Xu Jin with Fu Rong on his back, thinking that the man was so frivolous, but he did not expect that he was Su Wang. Fu Rong was handed over to Fu Xuan and two or three instructions were given. Xu Jin left. This King Su seemed to be special to Fu Xuan.

Wu Baiqi quarreled with the woman and lost. When he came back, he was so angry that he could not tolerate his free time to get angry.

When Xu Jin came back, the news he would find from Zuichun Pavilion was clear. Qin Qing passed the message through the hairpin, inserting the hairpin outside the window as a signal, and the guest room on the second floor of the guest Laihuan Restaurant was facing Qin Qing’s side. Xu Shiwei stared at the guest Laihuan, and Wu Bai looked closely at Zuichun Pavilion.

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