Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 12

Fei Yuan accompanied him to find Su Cici. It rained heavily. They came to Su Ci’s room and found that the door was not locked and the room was messy. Pei Zhao knew that Su Ci never littered. Pei Zhao took off his blindfold and began to study these pieces of paper on the ground. He recalled that Qu Linjiang had found the eyes he had expected before, and ran out hurriedly, knowing that something happened to Su Ci.

On Qu Linjiang’s side, he is feeling that he has completed a masterpiece. Qu Linjiang wants Su Ci to see his masterpiece. Su Ci is unwilling. Qu Linjiang thinks that Su Ci is no longer qualified to see this painting.

 I started to hypnotize Su Ci. Under such hypnosis, Su Ci gradually picked up the knife, but Su Ci’s will to survive was too strong. Qu Linjiang asked Su Ci to look into his eyes, and Su Ci picked up the knife again.

When Pei Zhao arrived, Pei Zhao scratched Qu Linjiang’s arm. He saw the beauty picture painted by Qu Linjiang just now, and Qu Linjiang ran away with the beauty picture.

Pei Zhao returned to the room holding Su Ci. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming arrived in time. Dong Rushuang was shocked when he saw Su Ci of women’s clothing. Dong Rushuang Suci’s pulse is not very stable.

Pei Zhao is worried that he will commit suicide in a few days. Dong Rushuang said he is not sure. I have to do further inspections and let Pei Zhao go out. Pei Zhao asked Feiyu to take his token to the Der Spiegel Office to search for Qu Linjiang in the city. Pei Zhao felt uncomfortable in his eyes, and Pei Zhao realized that his palm was hurt.

Su Ci dreamed of her own mother and had been struggling. Pei Zhao rushed over, and Dong Rushuang asked if Pei Zhao knew she was pretending to be a man. Pei Zhao said that Su Ci must have her own difficulties. Dong Rushuang said that Su Ci is awake and he wants Su Ci’s explanation. . At this time, Pei Zhao felt uncomfortable in his eyes again while taking care of him.

Fei Yuan peeped at the door, Pei Zhao came out, Fei Yuan said that he wanted to talk to Pei Zhao, Fei Yuan still thought that Su Cici was a man, and it was not appropriate for Pei Zhao to like Su Ci.

Pei Zhao brought Fei Yuan to Su Ci’s room, and Fei Yuan also knew that Su Ci was a daughter.

Pei Zhao’s subordinates told Pei Zhao that Qu Linjiang had been arrested and brought to justice.

Su Ci woke up and Rushuang was taking care of him, but Rushuang was a little awkward. He said that he was going to decoct the medicine and left. He also took away the wedding gown that Su Ci wore before, saying that he was going to dispose of it for fear of being taken away. People found out.

Pei Zhao came to Su Ci and told her that Qu Linjiang had been arrested and brought to justice. Pei Zhao also said that her daughter’s identity was only known to Rushuang and Feiyuan. Su Ci said that she had been very careful, but she was still easily seen through by others. Su Ci found that Pei Zhao’s hand was injured, and said that she had nothing to pay for it. If you do so, it’s fine if she has been by your side. Then Pei Zhao kissed Su Ci, Su Ci hugged Pei Zhao and cried, and Pei Zhao felt again.

Discomfort to the eyes. Pei Zhao told Su Ci that he had something to do, and left. But Su Ci thinks that Pei Zhao doesn’t understand her life experience, and she can’t hurt him. Pei Zhao walked outside, his eyes were a little confused during the day, and he suddenly went blind. The imperial doctor here told Pei Zhao that now he can only try to change the prescription, but there is a kind of medicine that is very rare, it takes a few days, and it is uncertain whether it can be cured.

In the cell, the Director of Der Spiegel Shu and Su Ci came to see Qu Linjiang. Qu Linjiang kept chanting this picture of his own beauty, as well as the booklet Qu Linjiang committed crimes over the past few years. But this booklet is missing one page. , The subordinates said that the last page was Miss Lin, and the director said that the case should be closed. At this time, Qu Linjiang was still using his blood, and Su Ci’s eyes painted on the wall sighed as beautiful.

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