Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 11

The Xu Zhi case has been solved, but there is no clue in the wedding dress case. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Su Ci went into a women’s clothing store to buy clothes, and Pei Zhao saw him when he came out . At dinner in the evening, Xie Beiming said that he would take everyone to the Sanyuan Tower to enjoy the moon tomorrow, and the streets will be very lively tomorrow. But saying that Su Ci has official duties to deal with, and will not spend the festival with everyone tomorrow, Xie Beiming said that he would bring back the Mid-Autumn Festival gift to Su Ci.

Su Ci returned to the room and recalled what her mother said before that Mid-Autumn Festival was almost her grandmother’s death day. People alive should write the names of their relatives on their clothes, pray that the dead relatives can return to their hometown, and pray for the prosperity of the family. This was accompanied to find excuses and brought him food. Pei Zhao saw Su Ci circled the Moon Lake on the map. Su Ci said that there was nothing to help, and Pei Zhao left.

In the evening, Su Ci was wearing women’s clothing on the street. Pei Zhao had been following her. Su Ci bought a Kongming Lantern. At this time, Su Ci felt that there were very few people on the street. Su Ci came to the lake and lit candles. Xiang, began to dance, this is the rule of their clan, imagined his relatives are together.

Accompanying Pei Zhao also came to the lake at this time and saw Su Ci’s dance. Then the two sat by the lake and talked. Just now Su Ci felt very quiet and very few people on the street.

Pei Zhao said that he begged Qi Wang to come. Clear away. Pei Zhao also said that next time Su Ci has to do such a dangerous thing, she should tell him in advance, fearing that she will not have time to protect her. Su Ci took off the veil. Pei Zhao wanted to kiss Su Ci, and suddenly he set off fireworks, and then Su Ci pushed him away embarrassingly. The two went to set the Kongming Lantern together, Su Ci made a wish, and Pei Zhao secretly thought that he would heal his eyes.

Pei Zhao asked Su Ci to change clothes and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with Xie Beiming and Rushuang. Then Xie Beiming and his party wandered on the street. When they saw someone conjure, Xie Beiming didn’t believe he wanted to go forward and try it. Xie Beiming exposed the scam on the spot and said that this person was using it. Hypnotism is a lie.

The group returned to the house to learn about hypnotism. Su Ci said that if hypnotism is used, the previous suicide cases of wedding dresses can be explained. Su Ci hopes that Dong Rushuang can quickly prepare the antidote for Mixiang, Dong Rushuang then Said that he needs time, but can be formulated as soon as possible to reduce the psychedelic effect and make people awake for a longer time. Su Ci said the sooner an appointment was made. At this time, Xie Beiming inhaled yesterday’s drug and felt that there was always the sound of bells. Su Ci thought that the previous victims could hear the sound of rain and suggested that it was related to water.

Su Ci approached Fu Ziyou, asked him what kind of capable people and strangers Du Lan might be in contact with, and made it clear that he suspected Du Lan had been hypnotized, and Fu Ziyou asked him to find Fu Zizhuo. Su Ci came to Fu Zizhuo, and Su Ci found that the purse Du Lan gave to Fu Zizhuo was not done very well by the female worker. Fu Zizhuo said that Du Lan basically does not work as a female worker.

Pei Zhao wants to remove the poison, but the risk is very high. If he is not careful, he will lose his sight. But Pei Zhao is determined, because in this way he can watch the stars with Su Ci at night, and the application cannot be interrupted. Su Ci came to Pei Zhao to discuss the case. Fei Yuan said that she was disturbing her eyes. Dong Rushuang sent a pill that had been prepared to relieve the drug to Su Ci.

In the evening, Su Ci was still studying the similarities of the cases in the room, and found that the previous girls had different beauty parts. Su Ci thought of Qu Linjiang, these girls were the selected materials. Qu Linjiang came to Su Ci’s room and kidnapped Su Ci.

Qu Linjiang took a fancy to Su Ci’s eyes. There was medicine and water next to Su Ci. Su Ci said that after hypnotizing me, my eyes are not what you want. Qu Linjiang thinks it makes sense, Su Ci said I will not run away and wait for Qu Linjiang to draw a perfect figure. Qu Linjiang began his own paintings, saying that these beautiful girls should always live in their paintings and stay at the most beautiful moments in life.

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