Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 7

Pei Zhao changed the largest master room into a guest room and let Su Ci live in it. Dong Wushuang, Xie Beiming, and Su Ci came to Pei Mansion. Su Ci introduced that Pei Zhao’s backing is not small. Because Pei Mansion is conveniently located in a busy city, the land price is not cheap, including the decoration in the mansion is very delicate and unique, and Many servants in the house. Pei Zhao is relying on his own family store, and he doesn’t have such great ability. But Dong Wushuang complained that Xie Beiming found her a very gorgeous house, inlaid with gold and silver. Xie Beiming only cares whether his room and Wushuang are close together. Pei Zhaoze said that his style is very simple and elegant and does not match Xie Beiming, while Xie Beiming said that he fits well.

Su Ci went back to the room and saw that Pei Zhao gave her a brush. Pei Zhao said it was given to him by King Qi. Pei Zhao prepared a lot of King Qi’s painting books for Su Ci. Su Ci was very happy. Su Ci came over to thank Pei Zhao and gave Pei Zhao a lease contract. Pei Chao was worried that Su Ci would not live long if he did not collect the rent, so he agreed. But Pei Zhao didn’t know that the rent he raised was a bit high. Su Ci thought that he had no money to buy Qi Wang’s painting book, but he still agreed to the rent that Pei Zhao proposed. Moreover, Su Ci deliberately added an additional treaty, asking Pei Zhao to keep her secrets and not having physical contact, etc. Pei Zhao also agreed, and said that he was aggrieved.

Fei Yuan came to see the contract, saying that Pei Zhao’s rent was too high, and Pei Zhao secretly thought that he needed to increase the salary of the Der Spiegel Office.

At night, a woman in red appeared on the street and stepped on the wall, seeming to be jumping off the building.

Early in the morning of the second day, Pei Zhao wanted Su Ci to leave after breakfast, but Su Ci did not.

Pei Zhao went to Ziyou’s wedding. When Su Ci arrived at the Ming Dynasty Bureau, the colleagues nearby were all talking about the salary increase. Su Ci secretly liked that he had the money to buy painting books.

At this time, the bride who was going to be married to Fu Ziyou suddenly found her body under the city wall. This woman was the woman in red who appeared last night. The Director of Der Spiegel sent Su Ci to investigate the case. Su Ci noticed that the footprints left on the city wall suspected suicide. Dong Wushuang has been investigating the case with him Su Ci. Su Ci persuaded her not to follow her with Dong Wushuang who was not an official, because this case involves the courtier’s daughter and is of great importance.

The person from the Mirror Department found Fu Zizhuo because he saw the dead bride named Du Lan last night, and the person from the Mirror Department took Fu Zizhuo away.

Su Ci came to Du Mansion and interrogated Du Lan’s maid, and she learned that Du Lan originally liked Zizhuo. He also noticed that Du Lan had packed up his baggage, but he did not take it away yesterday. The maid remembered that Du Lan had heard some rain inexplicably before, but it did not rain.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to the Der Spiegel Office together to interrogate Fu Zizhuo. Pei Zhao also specially reminded Fu Zizhuo not to mention his identity. Fu Zizhuo admitted that he was going to elope with Du Lan last night, but Du Lan was unwilling to leave. He sent Du Lan back to the house alone. He was still drunk after leaving the city, but he did not have any evidence to return. Prove that he did go out of town last night. Both Pei Zhao and Su Ci said that Fu Zizhuo was very suspicious. Su Ci took Fu Zizhuo’s clothes and was going to restore Fu Zizhuo out of the city at night. Pei Zhao asked to go with him.

Pei Zhao came to Fu Mansion to find Fu Ziyou. It turned out that Fu Ziyou knew that Fu Zizhuo and Du Lan were going to elope. Fu Ziyou did not stop him, but waited for Du Lan to choose to stay or leave. Fu Ziyou said that he did not believe that Du Lan would commit suicide. If it were homicide, he would make that person pay the price.

Pei Zhao left the Fu Mansion, and felt that Fu Ziyou had a deep love for Du Lan again. At night, Pei Zhao came to see Su Ci. Su Ci was already asleep. Pei Zhao expressed his thoughts that he would take good care of her.

Then Su Ci woke up, and the two went out to restore the scene of Fu Zizhuo leaving the city last night. Su Ci took the clothes that Fu Zizhuo took away during the day as a clue, and guessed the whereabouts of Fu Zizhuo last night. Pei Zhao felt that his love and affection did not necessarily have results, and said that he must find the truth of the matter, and returned Zhuo Qingbai, and Su Ci also said that he would accompany him to find the truth together.

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