Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 25

Episode 25 / Episodul 25

Mozun pinched the saint monarch’s neck and told him that his era was over, and now the entire Qianyuan Continent had no place for him. The Holy King fell to the ground, vomiting blood, saying that the Holy Son would not let their conspiracy succeed. The queen said that Junlinyuan is now also the mud bodhisattva crossing the river and it is difficult for him to protect himself. The queen asked the holy king to take away. The holy queen walked to the former position of the holy king and sat down.

Mozun congratulated the holy queen, congratulations on her being able to dominate Qianyuan mainland.

Jun Linyuan is still fighting Yu Mingye, the two are evenly matched. Xuan Yi ran down the mountain with Chao Ge and Feng Wu on his back, when a wolf howl came from the mountain. Feng Wu and the others merged with Jun Linyuan, and the wolf girl also came out and fought with Yu Mingye’s people.

Feng Wu watched the people from Dark Night Youting open the barrier, and couldn’t bear to leave. She went to help Girl Wolf. The wolf girl can work on Feng Wu when she gets out of trouble, but seeing the ring on Feng Wu’s neck, she remembered what Mu Jiuzhou had said before.

Feng Wu fainted, and the wolf girl also left Jun Linyuan and rushed over to hug him.

Zuo Qingluan led some people to grab Jun Linyuan and the others. Feng Xun wanted to resist, but Jun Linyuan told him not to resist. Feng Xun was very dissatisfied with Zuo Qingluan. Zuo Qingluan took away Feng Wu’s ring, saying that it was suspected to be evidence of Feng Wu’s demon.

Zuo Qingluan led people to catch up with the wolf girl. The wolf girl was injured and was trampled on her feet by Zuo Qingluan. Girl Wolf looked at Yuandu Gate, remembered the past, and then fainted. The wolf girl was locked up by Zuo Qingluan. Zuo Qingluan was going to keep her to practice. She also told the wolf girl that her child was actually killed by them.

Shengjun has been placed under house arrest, and Gao Wei asked Sheng Empress, Feng Wu and others how to deal with it. The Queen asked them to escort the phoenix dance to Tongtiantai, and the others took control first.

Zuo Qingluan didn’t believe her anymore because of Baidingshan’s affairs. She wouldn’t let Zuo Qingluan disregard Feng Wu and the others, seeing that she insisted on doing this, and let Chaoge be taken to the jail. Feng Wu was taken into Tongtiantai and punished by thunder. Yu Mingye couldn’t bear it, but there was no way.

Gao Wei opened the prison door and told Jun Linyuan that the Queen wanted to chat with him. Jun Linyuan went to see the Saint Empress, and the Saint Empress let the others go down. Jun Linyuan asked her if the holy monarch was locked up there, did she marry the holy monarch for these powers. The queen said that she was not for power, and that what the holy monarch does today, ignores world affairs and does nothing. Jun Linyuan said that the holy monarch is indeed addicted to cultivation, regardless of world affairs, but isn’t the Qianyuan mainland a state of peace? Shengjun said this was just a good time for him to catch up. Jun Linyuan asked him what he wanted to do. The Queen said that he knew why Mu Jiuzhou was going to get into trouble. The Queen said that she liked going to Mu Jiuzhou back then, but Mu Jiuzhou refused him. Therefore, the Queen didn’t want to practice, so she let Mu Jiuzhou disappear.

Jun Linyuan took out his sword and pointed at him, but instead of killing her, he left. The Saint Queen sent an order to say that Jun Linyuan colluded with the demon and tried to kill his mother, so that he wanted Jun Linyuan and killed him.

The wolf girl broke an arm and ran away, Zuo Qingluan asked people to look for it.

Feng Wu was still being punished by Tongtiantai. Yu Mingye called Mozun’s father to let him let Feng Wu go. Mozun said it was too late. The yellow oriole stunned the guards, opened the cell door, and told them that the queen had put the king under house arrest. Zuo Qingluan was working for the queen. He heard that Fengwu would be executed at Tongtiantai tonight. Someone came to catch them, and the oriole told them to go. Yu Mingye still wanted to save Fengwu, Mozun said that he couldn’t do anything now, and Yu Mingye didn’t listen.

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