Maiden holmes, Recap

Maiden holmes – Recap episode 5

Su Ci gets drunk and falls asleep in Pei Zhao’s room. She wraps herself around Pei Zhao and she sleeps on top of him until the morning.

Su Ci wakes up to this and is horrified with what she did. She leaves them without saying goodbye.

Pei Zhao, Fei Yan, Xie Bei Ming, and Dong Ru Shuang   reach the inn ahead of Su Ci because they went by horses. There were two available rooms left as of the time they reached the inn. The boys share one room and they gave the other one to Dong Ru Shuang.

Su Ci finally reaches the inn and apologizes to them for leaving without saying goodbye. She has no choice but to sleep in the boys’ room as there’s no other inn nearby. Pei Zhao considerately gives her more space on the bed. Su Ci wakes up to see Pei Zhao sleeping beside her and her heart beats loudly. She moves into the carriage to sleep.

This got her sick though because of the cold outside weather. This delayed the group’s travel to the capital. Dong Ru Shuang is supposed to give Su Ci a sponge bath. Pei Zhao insists on doing it to protect Su Ci’s secret.

The crown prince tells Pei Zhao that he needs to get married soon. Pei Zhao says his career is his priority now but he silently thinks of Su Ci.

They reach the capital and a rogue group attacks Dong Ru Shuang, Xie Bei Ming, and Su Ci. Xie Bei Ming saves them but Dong Ru Shuang is more concerned of Su Ci (much to Xie Bei Ming’s jealousy).

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