Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 23

Episode 23 / Episodul 23

The colorful phoenix bird in the Fengwu spirit ring started to urge her, Feng Wu returned to the room, and then entered the spirit ring. Caifengniao asked Feng Wu to give it the fragments of stars, and Feng Wu put the fragments beside Mu Jiuzhou, and merged with another fragment of stars. The tree in the spirit ring also blossomed, Caifengniao told Fengwu that this was because the primordial spirit of Mu Jiuzhou gradually recovered.

Zuo Qingluan went to find the Sage Empress. The Sage Empress asked everyone around him to go down. The Sage Empress asked Zuo Qingluan how he had practiced the magical arts. Zuo Qingluan said that the first level had been trained through the teachings of the Demon Lord. Zuo Qingluan said that she didn’t understand why the Holy Empress had a relationship with the Demon Venerable. The Holy Empress asked Zuo Qingluan what she would choose if she chose between Jun Linyuan and the world. Zuo Qingluan said she would choose the world. The Queen said that she had also made her choice, and told Zuo Qingluan the origin of the Junwu clan and the Dark Night Youting. At that time, Mu Jiuzhou wiped out the monster beast. When he was practicing, he interrupted Junwu Shengjun, and Mu Jiuzhou became like this.

Chaoge was dozing off reading a book, Xuan Yi asked next to her if he was pulling Chaoge to read too bad, Chaoge said that only rewards and punishments are needed to be motivated. Xuan Yi agreed, and Chao Ge was very happy.

Yu Mingye was playing a flute, and the oriole came over. The pill that the oriole gave Yu Ming Ye Biluo Palace, trying to heal Yu Ming Ye. The Oriole apologized to Yu Mingye, saying that she should not have an opinion on Yu Mingye because of her previous prejudice.

The Lord of the Biluo Palace came to Junwu Academy, Zuo Qingluan took them to play in the Academy. Chaoge is practicing the slingshot, and the palace owner said to take a look. Mu Yao said that she wanted to compare her with Chaoge, so that she could show off.

Xuan Yi also saw them competing, and after Xuan Yi’s reminder, she quickly defeated Mu Yao. Mu Yao was disrespectful to Chaoge, the palace lord scolded her, and Mu Yao ran away angrily.

Zuo Qingluan went to catch up, comforted Mu Yao and told her not to embarrass her song.

The Caifeng Bird of Feng Wu Ling Ring came out, and she looked at her with a lantern made for her by Jun Linyuan and couldn’t help but laugh at her as a ignorant girl who was ignorant and ignorant. Chao Ge heard Feng Wu talking to herself in the room alone, which was a bit strange. Chao Ge asked Feng Wu if she would go to the fireworks display tonight, and Feng Wu said they should go together.

 In the evening, they went to the firework convention, Yu Mingye found Feng Wu and said to take her to a place. Yu Mingye took her to a high place, and then blew Xiao. Yu Mingye finished blowing, and told Feng Wu that they had seen them, and they would gossip anyway, or maybe they should be together. Feng Wu said that my mother was never afraid that they would gossip. Yu Mingye wanted to give Feng Wu the Xiao that his mother had left him, but Feng Wu refused. Yu Mingye said it was always okay to be friends, and Feng Wu agreed.

Feng Wu just went downstairs, Jun Linyuan stopped him, then looked at her in the eyes and kissed him.

Zuo Qingluan found Chaoge and said that he had something to tell her. Jun Linyuan expressed his heart to Feng Wu, saying that he really wanted to be with Feng Wu. Feng Wu leaned his head on Jun Linyuan’s chest, and Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were completing his explanation. Zuo Qingluan told Chaoge whether the current phoenix dance was far different from before. Chaoge thought about it and said that the phoenix dance was indeed more lively and cheerful than before. But what Chao Ge said about it doesn’t mean anything. Zuo Qingluan also said that since Fengwu came to Yuandu, a strange thing has happened in Yuandu, and if it is connected with Fengwu, wouldn’t it make sense? Zuo Qingluan said that there must be someone behind the phoenix dance, and there must be something we don’t know.

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