Dance of the Pheonix, Recap

Dance of the Pheonix Recap episode 13

Episode 13 / Episodul 13

The swordsman asked Feng Wu to lower his head to avoid being trapped by the array. The host asked Feng Wu to give up quickly, and Feng Wu said that as long as he got the Tianxin Flower, he would leave immediately. The host said that he would either go or he would never be able to go. Let Feng Wu think about it. Feng Wu was about to be unable to hold on, but she still didn’t want to leave, she must get the Tianxin Flower.

Seeing that she insisted not to leave, the host asked her subordinates to clean up the phoenix dance, and the swordsman blocked her. The host looked at the swordsman and began to threaten the swordsman, saying that his daughter’s illness was entirely dependent on him. The host wanted to subdue the swordsman.

At this time, a sword flew in, and Jun Linyuan appeared, holding the sword on the host’s neck and said: Do you tell me whether money is important now, or your life is important. The landlord put away his spiritual power.

Yu Mingye found Mozun, saw Mozun, and asked him why he suddenly came to Yuandu. Mozun said that Yu Mingye knew about it a long time ago, I have something you need to do.

Feng Wu’s mother waited for a day on the first floor of the world, but Feng Wu still did not come out.

Feng Wu asked why Jun Linyuan was here, and Jun Linyuan said that he just stopped by to take a look. Feng Wu asked him how he knew she was in the world. Jun Linyuan thought that Feng Wu took such a big risk for spiritual power. Feng Wu said she was to help Chaoge get the antidote. The swordsman brought something to Feng Wu, and Feng Wu opened it with a secret book and Tianxin Huasta. Feng Wu thought that the daughter of the Shadow Swordsman also needed this Heavenly Heart Flower, so she wanted to give it to him. The Shadow Swordsman said that his daughter had left half a month ago. The Shadow Swordsman decided to travel around the world in the future, and Feng Wu blessed him.

Everyone was waiting for her when she was out of the world, and they were very happy to see Feng Wu coming out.

Chaoge subdued Tianxin Huawei, the poison in the body has been resolved, the body is no longer so fat, and becomes a beauty. Chao Ge couldn’t believe that it was her in the mirror, and thanked Feng Wu, both of them were very happy.

Yu Mingye came to Feng Wu’s room. Feng Liu led people to search, but Feng Wu frightened them out.

Feng Wu asked Yu Mingye to come out and asked him what was wrong. Feng Wu took out the regional score obtained by Tianxialou and gave it to Yu Mingye to thank him for his help. Yu Mingye accepted it, saying that it was Feng Wu’s birthday present, and Yu Mingye left.

Caifengniao summoned the phoenix dance into the spiritual sense space and told her that as long as she finds the fragments of stars, you will rescue Mu Jiuzhou. Caifengniao told Feng Wu that Yu Mingye must have been in contact with star fragments during this time.

Feng Wu found that Feng Xun was following Yu Mingye, and asked him what was going on. Feng Xun said that this was something that Jun Linyuan explained, so he couldn’t just say it. Feng Wu threatened him and said to find Xuan Yi, and then told Jun Linyuan that he had lost him. Feng Xun quickly grabbed her and told her the reason for following Yu Mingye.

Feng Wu and the others went to Yan’s Mansion, and Mrs. Yan went to meet the distinguished guests.

Yan Mansion suddenly caught fire, and Feng Wu knew the bottle, but found that the aura of the star fragments was still very weak.

When Jun Linyuan and Yan Lingzun came to the Treasure Pavilion, Jun Linyuan looked at the bottle and said it was not true. Feng Wu and Yu Mingye went to the secret room, Yan Zun found that someone had entered the secret room, and planned to let people in and catch them. Jun Linyuan found something about Feng Wu in the room, so he told Yan Lingzun that there was something wrong with sending so many people into the secret room at once, and the clear water eye sky bottle was still in it, just in case something happened. Yan Lingzun asked Jun Linyuan what he could do. Jun Linyuan said that it was better to let him enter the secret room alone. Yan Lingzun felt that it was good, so he agreed. Jun Linyuan said to those subordinates, let them guard here, he went down alone, lowering the other’s alert.