Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 25

Episode 25 / Episodul 25

Tian Qi came to Ji Heng and asked him about Chen Wuyong. Ji Heng was reluctant to name his mother. Tian Qi was very sad and stabbed him.

Mrs. Ji was shocked to learn that Ji Heng was injured, and hurried over to see him. Ji Heng was severely injured by this knife and has been unconscious.

Tian Qi was imprisoned. Mrs. Ji came to see her and told her that Ji Heng had done a lot for her. In order to be able to marry her well-being, she wanted to accept her as an adopted daughter. He asked the emperor to go to war and gave her meritorious service. Tian Qi was very sad when she heard it, but she had a blood feud with Ji Heng’s parents, and she couldn’t help it.

Ji Dingzhi and Sheng Anhuai took care of Ji Heng carefully, and Ji Heng has nothing serious. Mrs. Ji came to the dungeon and asked Tian Qi if she regretted it. Although Tian Qi felt hurt, he still said he would not regret it. Mrs. Ji will let Tian Qihe and Ji Zheng leave, so that they will never show up here again. It turned out that Ji Zheng had come to find Mrs. Ji, and she had to give her two choices, one was brothers and the other was disabled, and one was to take Tian Qi away.

Ji Jiheng looked sad at what Tian Qi left behind. Mrs. Ji came to see him, and it was uncomfortable to see his sadness. I did not expect that Ji Heng would bear the evil that she had created.

Putian Qi arrived at Wanhonglou. Aunt Hong looked at her loss and comforted her to keep her busy. Time would smooth all the scars. Sheng Anhuai brought people to Wan Honglou and asked them to look at Tian Qi.

It turned out that the masked man was Zheng Shaofeng. He was very angry that Tian Qi had failed to kill Ji Heng, and decided to add another fire. Sheng Anhuai’s man was at the door of Wanhonglou, and if someone came in, he rushed out. Ding Zhi also came to Wan Honglou to find Tian Qi, but was stopped. Seeing Sheng Anhuai, Ding Zhi quickly went to find him and wanted to go in to find Tian Qi. Tian Qi also saw him and asked him to hurry up. Sheng Anhuai couldn’t stop him, telling him to stop seeing himself.

Xi Dingzhi came to see Tian Qi, and immediately saw the red aunt next to him. Tian Qi came to Sheng Anhuai and asked him to take someone back. Sheng Anhuai was going to take her back, Ji Zheng suddenly brought someone over, this time he was going to grab it with Ji Heng.

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