Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 12

Episode 12 / Episodul 12

Tian Qi drills and faints and promises to keep Tian Qi secret. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi why he came to Jifu. Tian Qi said that he had heard that Jifu had calmed down the Dongjiashanzhuang disaster, so he decided to become a military doctor.

Ji Heng took her to the martial arts ground, asked her to practice marksmanship, and taught him by hand. Tian Qi was desperately training so as not to be seen as a woman.

Tian Qi was just faint, nothing to do, and to serve Ji Heng in the evening. Ji Heng felt that he was not thinking well today. Tian Qi took the opportunity to take out an IOU to help him pay back the money. Ji Heng ignored her.

Mrs. Ji prayed for the Ji family in the temple, and someone came to pick her up at her house. Chen Wuyong next to her was her righteous father who received the letter from the young master.

The next day, Tian Tianqi went out of the house with a token, and met Sun Fan outside Sun House, and followed him all the way. Tian Qi was very angry when he saw Sun Fan and Li Lin bullying the woman together. Tian Qi was about to keep up, but was stopped by Ji Zheng.

Ji Zheng took Tian Qi away and asked her why she had come to Jifu. Tian Qi said that he was seeking revenge on Sun Congrui, and he would definitely not be bad for Jifu. Ji Zheng promised her that she would not expose her if she was not against Ji Fu and Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng took Tian Qi to dinner. Tian Qi chose an opponent and went in to see Zheng Shaofeng and others betting on chess. Zheng Shaofeng asked them to help, Tian Qi asked him to make two hundred passes and win by himself.

Tian Qi really won the game, which attracted the attention of Sun Fan, and he came to bet with her. Tian Qi agreed, and the person who offered to lose would agree to the winner, and Sun Fan agreed. After Tian Qi won the chess, Sun Fan undressed and swam around.

People around him pointed and pointed at Sun Fan. Zheng Shaofeng was worried that Sun Fan would find it back. Tian Qi said that he was not afraid to have a guard.

 Tian Qi went to worship the tortoise after returning home, and Ruyi suddenly came over to play with her. Ji Zheng also came over and told her that this was the son of his late elder brother. He followed Mrs. Ji in the temple and had just returned. Ruyi suddenly called Tian Qiniang, frightening both of them.

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