Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 11

Episode 11 / Episodul 11

Tian Qi Ji Heng out of the house to play Tian Qi to get in and out of Ji Fu token. Tian Qi asked Ji Heng to ask for leave and said he wanted to go out. When talking about fun things outside, Ji Heng was very interested. Tian Qi saw that he had never been out and asked him to go out with himself tomorrow. Sheng Anhuai took Tian Qi to receive the award, and felt that Tian Qi was now very favored by Ji Heng. Tian Qi was very prestigious and gave Sheng Anhuai a gift, which made him very happy.

The next day, Tian Tian Qi Chu Fu met Ji Heng, and he did not expect him to come out. Ji Heng asked Tian Qi to take a stroll with him and listen to him today. Tian Qi was afraid that Ji Heng would be recognized. He wanted to give him a name, found a Chinese medicine name Bai Heng, and called him Xiaobai. Ji Heng was very depressed, but still agreed.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to walk around. When he saw a stall selling jewellery, he couldn’t help coming forward. When he saw the surprised look of the boss, he remembered that he was now men’s clothing a bit. Unexpectedly, a sister-in-law Li Lin came over to send the woman’s sister-in-law and let her go out with herself. The woman was so scared that Tian Qi protected her. Tian Qi quarreled with him, kicked him, pulled Ji Heng and ran.

Ji Heng didn’t respond at all, and couldn’t help laughing while running. Li Lin surrounded them with people, and Tian Qi guarded Ji Heng, but was pulled behind by Ji Heng, knocking everyone who came up to the ground. Tian Qi looked behind and thought Ji Heng was very handsome.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to eat, and it was particularly delicious. Ji Heng looked at him and felt that it was impossible for him to be a woman. He had doubts before. Tian Qi was startled, and quickly found a way to let Ji Heng dispel suspicion. Tian Qi took Ji Heng to buy a palace map, pretending to be lascivious. I did not expect the boss to buy business, said Ji Heng often buy here. The boss took out the portrait of Jiedushi, which was particularly ugly, and Ji Heng went straight away.

Tian Qi took Ji Heng to Wan Hong Lou, Ji Zheng came out to play with his friend Zheng Shaofeng, and saw two people approaching the door. Tian Qi looked for a lot of girls to serve, and he still hugged. When she saw Ji Heng’s disdain for them, she had to come out to find other girls and take the opportunity to find Red Aunt. Uncle Lin was afraid that Ji Heng would find out that she was a daughter, but Aunt Hong said that she was not afraid. Aunt Red gave a handkerchief to Tian Qi, and Tian Qi did not know when it was dropped, and was very worried.

Ji Heng drove away the woman who was waiting, Tian Qi heard the movement and hurried over. Ji Heng was very angry and felt that Tian Qi was destroying his reputation. Tian Qi immediately knelt down and said that his parents died when he was a child. The owner of the youth house had taken care of him, so this place was very kind to him, so he would bring Ji Heng. Ji Heng said nothing, and took Tian Qi back to his house.

When Ji Heng returned, thinking of Tian Qi, he called her over and gave her a Jifu token, which allowed him to enter and leave Jifu freely. The government, including the director and the commander, would not exceed ten people. Sheng Anhuai accidentally saw the map of the Spring Palace on Ji Heng’s desk, and quickly resigned to give him space. Ji Heng’s explanation was unclear and unsatisfactory.

Tian Qi couldn’t sleep over and over again at night, always thinking about how Ji Heng protected her today. She kept telling herself that she couldn’t admire anyone now.

Ji Zheng asked Xu Jin to check that what he saw today was indeed Ji Heng and Tian Qi, and also learned that Tian Qi had obtained a token for entering and leaving Jifu. Ji Zheng originally allowed Tian Qi to be with Ji Heng, but now he feels that he can’t go on like this. If something really happens, he can hardly blame him.

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