Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 6

Episode 6 / Episodul 6

Shen Zhao’er, who was thrown into the pool, did not help, no matter how he struggled. Even hallucinations began to occur, imagining that her father kept her alive, but she failed her father. Just when she wanted to give up, she suddenly felt her hands dragging herself to the shore.

 Shen Zhaoer opened his eyes and saw the first person Ji Ji. He frankly did not save Shen Zhaoer by himself. When the crowd gathered to ask who saved him, he told the crowd that the turtle in the pool had saved Shen Zhao’er. For the entire Jifu, only Ji Zheng and Sheng Anhuai knew that this so-called tortoise was actually Ji Heng .

The lady nearby was comforted, but Shen Zhaoer remembered afterwards. She also felt that her look was different at that time, and she seemed to be disappointed for a moment. At the moment, Shen Zhaoer escaped from his death, and it was even more urgent to find the truth about his father’s death. She only hoped to leave Jifu as soon as possible afterwards, and stayed like this for a long time. She was afraid she would not die enough for a few lives. Early in the morning, Shen Zhaoer groaned in his room that Ji Heng was too unconcerned and saw him coming. In the face of Ji Heng, Shen Zhaoer will always look like that poor little puppy leg, but her actions will not make life sick. Ji Heng didn’t have any thoughts to talk with her, so she went straight to the topic and asked yesterday.

The night gangsters have clues. Shen Zhaoer recalled that when he was unconsciously carried by the murderer on his shoulders, he determined that the other party was Ding Dali on the basis of the smell of that smoky body. Ke Jiheng said that Ding Dali was dead, which really surprised Shen Zhaoer. He could not help but sigh behind the scenes that the black hand was killing and killing too fast. Before Ding Dali died. A suicide note was left stating that he committed suicide by fear. Shen Zhaoer has always been afraid of Ji Heng. If he confesses everything to him at this time, he must say that his belt is hidden by someone. She was afraid that Ji Heng would not believe in herself, but would incur the killing of her body. Seeing things can no longer drag on, Shen Zhaoer immediately.

 I designed to sneak into the Jifu Kaku, and wanted to find Shen Qingyun’s file. Unfortunately, the dossier was not found but it was almost discovered. It was because of Ji Zheng that he escaped. Later, when the two were alone, Ji Zheng couldn’t help showing the showdown, but Shen Zhaoer didn’t admit that he was his daughter when he was killed. Ji Zheng did not take her.

In the end, I had no choice but to give up. However, he began to be more curious, what is the purpose of Shen Zhaoer’s weak woman sneaking into Jifu alone.

 In Ji Heng’s study room, Shen Zhaoer fanned the fan as usual, but thought about meeting Mrs. Shu during the day. At that time, Mrs. Shu asked her if her head was hit by a stick. What could be wrong with her body? This is a normal word of concern, but the problem lies in that it is impossible for anyone other than the murderer and Shen Zhaoer to know that he was hit. She never told anyone. Now that Madam Sue knew this, it meant that she was behind the scenes! Shen Zhaoer thought about his doubts, and thought about whether to tell Ji Heng, but unfortunately he had no evidence, for fear that the other party might not believe her. Shen Zhaoer finally resisted himself and waited. It’s not too late to find evidence. Suddenly, Shen Zhao’er thought that Ji Heng’s eyes fell on the desk in the corner, where there should have been a pot of flowers. Once a pot withered, Shen Zhaoer would also follow the dead flower, but now she stole it. Shen Zhaoer constantly blocked Ji Heng’s sight with a fan, Ji Heng did not pierce. Instead she deliberately walked around to scare her. Looking at her careful and flattering smile, Ji Heng suddenly felt very interesting. Perhaps he didn’t even know what happened to Shen Zhaoer in his heart.

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