Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 4

Episode 4 / Episodul 4

Shen Zhao’er looked at Ji Heng who read the official document at his desk , but could not help launching the idiot. The frivolous words blurted out, and once again successfully annoyed Ji Heng.

 Ji Heng walked to her step by step, this move made Shen Zhaoer can’t help but commit another idiot again. The next moment, Shen Heng’s belt was torn off by Ji Heng and handed to him expressionlessly.

Sheng Anhuai inspected, but did not see it. Ji Heng guessed that the people behind the scenes wouldn’t give up if they couldn’t do it. They would make Shen Zhao’er his own medical officer. Only by putting people around can he be sure of nothing.

Unknown Ding Zhi congratulates his apprentice for receiving such an award, and gives him a new clothes belt. Shen Zhao’er looked at the belt on the table and remembered that the belt that had been concealed by the medicine was also sent by the master, and he couldn’t help wondering. After a simple temptation, she quickly dispelled her doubts and even surrendered her situation.

At this point, Xu Jin was ordered to come to Wan Honglou to return the scarves. He originally wanted to return them to the girl, but was scared away by Yingying Yanyan, who was called by Aunt Wan Hong. Wan Hong suspected that the other party knew what secret, but fortunately, Shen Zhao’er was in Jifu, and even if he was safe, he didn’t think about it.

On the night of the Fireworks Festival, the people will watch fireworks and light the sky lanterns and pray for blessings by the moat. On this day, unmarried men and women can wear masks to exchange feelings, which is the custom of the Fireworks Festival.  Once upon a time, Shen Zhaoer also asked Ji Heng for a mask. Ji Heng thinks back now, but laughs at that silly girl who doesn’t know what it means here. Every time I think about it with Shen Zhao. Little by little, Ji Heng will show a rare tender smile, but in the end it will turn into inseparable sorrow and remorse. About this life, Ji Heng’s last regret was that he never told Shen Zhaoer his name from beginning to end. On the day of the incident, when he rushed to the horse, he saw the body of the Shens and his wife, but he did not see them. Shen Zhaoer. Ji Heng also looks forward to Shen Zhao’er still alive, but unfortunately, even if they do not recognize each other face to face.

The next day, Shen Zhaoer, called by Ji Heng, volunteered to grind him. To learn to write, you must first learn to recognize ink. This is what Shen Qingyun said. Ji Hengnian was born in the Department of Health, so he asked Shen Zhaoer casually that Shen Qingyun was the one who was frightened, and he immediately cut off the ink stick.

Shen Zhaoer was panicked and wanted to make up for him. There was a breeze, sometimes absent, as if it was a breeze from the mountains, with a burst of floral scent coming with the missed person.

Ji Heng fell asleep without knowing it. When Sheng Anhuai saw such a scene, he almost broke the bowl he brought. After waking up, Ji Heng also seemed surprised that he could sleep peacefully and Sheng An.

The surprise that Huai did not hide was even more difficult for Shen Zhaoer. After night, Ji Heng came to that dream again. But Shen Zhaoer, who was originally a young girl, grew into a slim girl, chasing with Ji Heng under the peach tree.  But in an instant, the surrounding area became dilapidated again, the body of the Shens and his wife lay in front of him again, and there was a questioning voice of Shen Zhaoer behind him. Ji Heng wanted to chase it out, but was awakened again.

Such nightmares haunted him every day and lingered. Sheng Anhuai suggested that Shen Zhaoer come to the fan, or it may be effective.  However, a big oolong was mistakenly made by the servant ’s mouth, and she almost did not let Shen Zhaoer, who was directly wrapped in a quilt, “dead with dynamism.” Misunderstanding resolved, the little girl who was stiff at the last moment flew Ji Heng’s fart like a puppy leg. After a whole night’s wind, Ji Heng slept for a night.

He didn’t experience the feeling of falling asleep for a long time. Looking at the person lying on his bed, Ji Heng gently reached over, but he caught Shen Zhao’s face at the moment he touched it.  Shen Zhaoer was awakened, the first thing she saw was Eye-catching Ji Heng, quickly knelt and begged for mercy.

In the noontime, the daughter-in-law Chunhua asked Shen Zhaoer for her salvation last time, and invited her to eat cakes, but the feelings in her eyes were hidden. In Jifu, she was a man Tian Qi , but the nerveless Shen Zhaoer only ate cakes with all his heart, and even accidentally exposed the beads of the enemy. Chunhua watching Buddha beads, seems to have been seen there. It ’s a pity, just as Shen Zhaoer questioned, the family who had teased Chunhua last time came to trouble again.

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