Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 3

Episode 3 / Episodul 3

Ji Heng was standing in front of a pot of flowers. Every time she picked a flower, Shen Zhaoer, who was kneeling, felt heartache. If the flower had been picked, her life would be gone.

 Finally, when Ji Heng picked the third flower, Shen Zhaoer couldn’t carry it. Even if it was dangerous to make bait, it was better than killing him instantly.

Ji Heng asked Shen Zhaoer to find him. The murderer who poisoned the county owner was a game. The secret conversation between Ji Heng and Ji Zheng also confirmed that letting Shen Zhao’er be the most suitable bait is also what Ji Heng had long thought about.

Knowing that this would make Shen Zhaoer’s life unsafe, he didn’t care, and the only kindness that could be charitable was to treat his family. Ji Zheng obviously doesn’t have such a hot-blooded wrist, and his heart is softer than Ji Heng.

Many, but their tacit understanding on this matter, in fact, there is no difference. But without such means, I am afraid that Ji Heng would not know how many times he had died. At this time, they just lowered their mouths every time they were holy, only to trace the killer in January.

 On the other side of Jifu, Kant took his sister Kang Ning’er and his widow’s widow to sit in the pavilion for tea and chat.

Although Corning is wayward but straight-headed, Kant looks gentle and courteous on the surface, but his heart is actually arrogant and intelligent, and his heart is narrow due to leg problems.

He must compare the baht, and Mrs. Shu is calm and hypocritical. Such three people, each thinking about the death of Shuncheng County Lord, must be the result of unhappiness.

The Fireworks Festival, a folk festival, is celebrated every year and is bound to be filled with fireworks and flowers. Ji Heng looked at the fireworks that were drilled early for the festival, and a little sorrow and nostalgia rose in his heart.

Shen Qingyun has always been a medical officer working for the Ji family, so Ji Heng and Shen Zhaoer have known each other since childhood. Shen Zhaoer is the first and only. A man who dare to step on Ji Heng to climb the high platform.

 Two small figures sat side by side, watching the most beautiful fireworks in the night sky. Shen Qingyun’s death was tired because of Ji’s family.

 It was too late for Ji Heng to save people, which was a pain in his life. Every time I dreamed at midnight, I was always awakened by the blood-stained Shen Zhaoer.  With this in mind, not feeling hard on the hand, Ji Heng’s fast wound was cracking again. Shen Zhaoer was ordered to bandage, Ji Heng looked at her, as if she saw the childhood Zhaoer bandaging her wounds. It’s a pity that the two were separated at an early age. Even if this person was Shen Zhaoer who was dreaming about himself, Ji Heng couldn’t recognize it.

The next day, Shen Zhaoer climbed out of the dog hole to recover the women’s clothing and came to Wanhonglou in order to get out of Jifu.

Xu Jin, who happened to pass by, recognized at a glance that she was the woman in the painting of her own master. After learning that the woman she was thinking of was born in a blue house, Ji Zheng felt sad for a while, and dragged the silk scarf back for him.

 At this moment, Aunt Wan Hong, who was sitting opposite Shen Zhaoer, soon smelled something strange. After looking at them, they found the inch hidden in Shen Zhaoer’s belt.

In Jifu, Ji Heng and Ji Zheng are also discussing the discontinuity. This prescription is unknown to anyone except the Shen family. The two did not know who would know the prescription, Ji Zheng even suspected for a moment that Shen Zhaoer might have survived.

 Ji Heng heard it, but he flatly disbelieved. Want to come, the inch is owned by the Shen family, it is owned by the Ji family, this inch is broken. The best means of the stolen family. At the time of the discussion between the two, Ji Heng’s official document was presented by the subordinates, and the first page of the first book contained an informative cloth strip, pointing directly to the murderer, Shen Zhaoer.

To hurt people with Shen Qingyun’s medicine to save people, he has already touched Ji Heng’s inverse scale. Now that the fish who has waited so long is finally hooked, Ji Heng will catch this big fish anyway.

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