Dr. Cutie, Recap

Dr. Cutie (萌医甜妻 ) – Recap ep 2

Episode 2 / Episodul 2

A light rain in the town, a handsome man on a boat tour of the lake, do not have a taste. This person is Ji Zheng , Ji Heng ‘s younger brother .

Ji Zheng rushed back for the night of his brother’s big wedding, but now he is leisurely and elegant walking in the light rain. A bridge, one on the left, one on the right, and two passing by. Shen Zhao’er, who restored the women’s clothing, made Ji Zheng’s eyes no longer look away.

The breeze blew, and a white silk scarf fell on Ji Zheng’s hand, and he quickly grabbed it. Pedestrians clamored for wind and sand, and the princess pipa was full of grievances. When Ji Zheng looked back, the beauty was no longer. He looked at the embroidered words on the silk scarf, and was curious that a boudoir woman had such a heart. Many feelings in the world are deepened by this uncontrollable curiosity.

The rain stopped, and the promenade leaned on the door to make fun of them, courting the customers. Shen Zhaoer stepped in the door, and saw the mansion owner Wan Hong and Lin Qian immediately rejoicing and calling “Miss” to lead her into the guest room.

 Shen Zhaoer is doing what they know. Wan Hong’s anxiety became apparent, and she wanted to persuade Shen Zhaoer to simply give up the investigation of the real murderer, and her life was always important.

But Shen Zhaoer remembered her tragic father and mother. At first, she deliberately took a bite of the man in black and left this person’s arm with teeth marks, in order to seek revenge in the future.

Today, I learned that Sister Jill had once entertained a man who gave her the beads. This string of beads is exactly the same as that of the murderer, and the man is holding the token for entering and leaving the Jifu. With clues, Shen Zhaoer is even more unlikely to give up lightly.

Inside the Jifu, Ji Heng tried Ding Zhi angrily, and learned that the county’s master had died of an inch of poison. Insomnia is a drug developed by Shen Qingyun for the treatment of plagues, which can be fatal with a little carelessness. However, this medicine is not poisonous, and the silver needle cannot be tested.

Late at night, a dark shadow came and went freely in the heavily guarded Jifu. At this moment, Shen Zhao’er’s horoscope also passed to Ji Heng’s ear, and he was born unfaithful. At first, a fortune teller asserted that Ji Heng’s life was lonely and that his father would rebel. Now it seems that everyone thinks this is nonsense. Ji Heng believes that Shen Zhao’er was helpful to the death of the county master, so she was left in the house.

 At this moment, the man in black shuttled through the house opened the door of the study and jumped up to the roof again. Ji Heng calmly, looked forward, and saw that the man in black suddenly attacked with a sword from behind him.

After a few tricks, the unarmed Ji Heng actually tried to suppress each other. In the end, the man in black was revealed, revealing Ji Zheng’s face, and Ji Heng apparently had already guessed the identity of the other party.

The next day, Ji Heng recalled the dialogue with Ji Zheng, and clarified that the black hands behind this scene were intended for the county master, not assassination.

In this way, if the holy sin is sacred, Ji can be uprooted up and down, and if this is done, there must be an internal response. Ji Heng soon had a candidate in his mind, but he took someone to search in Shen Zhaoer’s house. Instead of getting nothing, he was splashed with bath water.

 I do n’t know if it ’s a public grudge, Ji Heng’s arrogance was manipulated, and Shen Zhaoer’s buttocks bloomed, and he also helped investigate the murderer for self-certification.

The person who Ji Ji went out to investigate also found nothing, but he was never an impatient person and was not in a hurry.

Ji Zheng thought back to Qiaotou when he first met, and looked at the portrait he drew, and regarded it as treasure. He ordered his subordinates to look around for the woman’s identity, but did not know that the beauties were on the same roof as him.

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